God of Wine & Fertility, Dionysus was ALWAYS drunk, often spirited and fairly kind.. Most of the time

In one particular instance, it is said, he was slighted by a mere mortal human who questioned his divinity - severely pissing him off.


He raged. 

Mindlessly intoxicated, Dionysus vowed he would destroy the heart of the very next human he saw

So he changed himself into a sly leopard and stalked down the nearest road in a mad frenzy, looking for someone - anyone - to rip flesh from bone

A young girl of incredible beauty, who happened to be a Priestess of Artemis, also walked this road alone

Rosy scents lingering in the dusky air from the gorgeous flower crown atop her head, she skipped happily towards her Temple home

Drawing closer towards her, Dionysus Leopard watched the girl with narrowed eyes, muscles tensed, poised to strike her at any moment 

Artemis herself, sister of Dionysus, caught sight of the scene - no way was her sweet, devoted Priestess falling innocent prey to anyone, especially to her very own brother!

With lightning speed, she drew on ALL her power, and transformed the girls’ body into clear quartz, saving - yet ending, her life


Furiously, the leopard clawed & tore at the stone, enraged in violence that Artemis had thwarted his sweet revenge

Exhausted, he slumped to the ground in his manly form, and gazed up

The sight of this terrified face, frozen in its crystalline form and twisted in fear at the sight of the charging leopard, sliced through his heart and the weight of what he almost did STAGGERED him

He had almost slaughtered this poor girl, for his anger at another - unbelievable!!!

Hugging her statue, fresh tears freely falling, he begged his sister to change her back

But Artemis was powerless to do so now, she had not the capability of THAT!

And so, Dionysus cried & wept, his purple wine-filled tears staining the clear rock beneath him

When he was done, he dried his eyes, and looked upon the girl again, now the most beautiful shades of purple

He asked Artemis what her name had been, and she told him


Dionysus buried the beautiful purple girl in the earth, and vowed anyone who carried a precious piece of her, and her memory, hold his blessing & favour forevermore too