ROSE QUARTZ Crystal Water Bottle

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Loved by Spiritual Souls, Celebs, Yogi's, Beauty Seers & Pleasure Seekers across the Universe, these special bottles will supercharge your water and fill you with waves of aura-enhancing crystal vibrations with every sip. The benefits of this are so vast, y’all already know how magical water is for our bodies, and this way we can carry our Good Vibes everywhere with us as we live & play!



- Height: 28cm
- Diameter: 7cm
- Capacity: 550mL

Crystal (approx)
- Height: 8cm
- Diameter: 2cm

- Glass bottle with sustainable bamboo cap & base
- Removable Rose Quartz crystal
- Eco Friendly, BPA Free




Known as the universal Stone of Love, Rose Quartz will amplify lovey feelings of all kinds - unconditional love, passionate love, romantic love, friendly love, parental & family love, and most importantly SELF love!

Keeping this crystal close by will bring you a sense of peace & serenity, and helps you open your heart space to give & receive beautiful love that floods you with good feels - Imagine the glowy tranquil vibes delivered to your cells at each sip!



To take care of your precious bottle and stay in those gorgeous high-frequency vibrations, please consider the following factors:

These bottles are intended for clean, filtered water only. We can’t guarantee their longevity if you use it for juice and other erosive liquids! They do look absolutely BOSS with berries floating inside though - super instaworthy! And you reap extra benefits from that too, woo. We’ll leave that decision with you.

Gratefully, the glass bottle itself is dishwasher safe (perfect for lazy Luxy, haha). However, the crystal cap & base must be handwashed then carefully air dried somewhere safe where they won’t get knocked or damaged. Easy! Just make sure your crystal is secure when you pop it back together - the chances of choking on a stone such as this is slim to none, but what kind of friends would we be if we didnt look out for ya?!

We have proudly created these bottles from hand-blown Borosilicate glass, bamboo, stainless steel, magical crystals and a WHOLE lot of love - Seriously, love has been poured into these babies from the very first spark of the idea, until they safely reach you!

Please handle with care, we know how upset you’ll be if anything happens to your bottle! That’s why we included a special protective sleeve, to shield it from bumps & scratches and also help keep your water nice & cool - deeeelish. If an oopsie happens, get at us, we have some empty bottles if you need a newie



Our stones are ethically sourced natural wonders, blessings from Mother Earth herself. Each crystal has taken millions of years to form and grow - absolutely amazing!

Just as each of us humans are different, so are these gorgeous gems. No two are the same! Some have special flecks throughout, others have ‘inclusions’ which may appear as lines that almost look like cracks, or even little stormy hurricanes inside. These are all completely normal, and they are not a fault. Each stone will vary slightly in size, shape & colour. It’s possible the crystals may appear slightly off centre when they’re inside your bottle due to the way they are carved. Also, please consider colour variation - through your screen vs in real natural light. If exposed to huge amounts of sunlight, a little colour fading to your crystal can occur. As with all nature, the beauty is in its uniqueness and their imperfections very much become their perfection!