Rainbow Angel Aura Quartz Geode Sphere #1

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This beautiful crystal ball makes a spectacular addition to any collection!



  • Protects your aura, promoting peace & serenity and stimulating healing
  • Light & joyful vibrations will keep you feeling optimistic & hopeful no matter what challenges arise
  • Creates a field of 24/7 protection from mental & physical harm
  • Enhances your dream state; can be used for astral projection & lucid dreaming

Meditate with it to heal using perseverance & patience, elevate your self worth and relieve yourself of painful memories of the past


1 piece

10.5 cm, 1.52kg approx


*Please Note

Crystals are naturally formed wonders of nature and vary greatly, each piece completely unique & absolutely perfect in all its imperfections - these are what make them so beautiful!