Blue Lace Agate Pieces

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Soft, soothing & beautifully elegant, Blue Lace Agate has a super positive effect on attitude and emotions


  • It has an encouraging & supportive energy that calms, uplifts & elevates your mood
  • Helps unleash your voice, perfect for those who have difficulty being heard by others or need help freely expressing their feelings & ideas
  • Boosts your confidence when speaking to others in groups or in public
  • Inspires loyalty & trust, perfect for caregivers who work with those who are overcoming communication difficulties

Meditate with it if you’re struggling to express your feelings without getting upset, and if you need help realising & accepting your feelings & sensitivities 


1 piece, Intuitively Chosen

4cm x 4cm, 20g approx


*Please Note

Crystals are naturally formed wonders of nature and vary greatly, each piece completely unique & absolutely perfect in all its imperfections - these are what make them so beautiful! They’re not faults, but the way stones are created. How gorgeous are they?!

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