About Us

A small girl gazed upon a row of shadowed shelves and inhaled deeply, the comfortingly spicy scent of Frankincense & Palo Santo thick on the air

Crystals twinkled and gleamed as she slowly crept from wall to wall, eyes wide, absorbing their beauty

Stopping to admire a particularly stunning piece, she held her breath as she ran a finger along it; it’s rough stone shell a bumpy contrast to the smooth, sharp purple points it sheltered inside

‘Amethyst!’ she whispered to herself, and lost herself in the moment while her Spirit danced with joy

Captivated, enchanted, she visited countless similar stores as she blossomed over the years, her collection growing, glowing proudly

Many things changed during this time; her love of crystals and their honest, mystical vibes were not one of them

This girl was Luxy

• The one who read endless library books on Geology and the properties of rocks
• The one who dug for crystals in dirt and sand
• The one who demolished everyone’s bruised apples at school and saved her lunch money for tumbled stones & Spice Girl chupa chups

And this girl was B, with the exact same experience, on the other side of the Tasman

• The one who always felt the tug, a pull towards crystals without really knowing why
• The one who could never walk past a crystal shop without entering because they just made her feel so good
• The one who was was gifted a special bag of stones and fell entranced by their wondrous energies, obsessed with the way they lifted her frequency

We came together, we vibed, and our vision exploded with ideas; Halo Crystals was born

It is our mission now to fill the entire world with the goodness Mama Earth so lovingly provides as affordably as we can, blessing the hearts & homes of fellow brothers and sisters on their journeys through life & healing & enlightenment

• We are doing this because there are too many times we’ve looked at these incredible stones we felt so much love for, that we couldn’t afford and sadly had to leave behind

• We are doing this because crystals heal, and in this world full of pain we feel a deep need to help - helping is what spurs us onwards, it makes us who we are

• We are doing this because we know that these rocks that have formed over millions of years are so so special; they connect us to our spirituality, they uplift our souls, they guide us true and they bring nothing but the purest love to our lives

• We are doing this because the Universe has opened every single door for us to do so; it wants us to spread this light as far & wide as we can, to raise the consciousness of those around us, to bring you to ascension with us

This is our purpose

Let us, and our lovingly handpicked earthy blessings, help you with yours

With love, sparkles and all the light we can summon

Luxy & B x