Black Tourmaline Rough Chunks (Medium)

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Our favourite stone for every single room in the house, AND carrying around with us, Black Tourmaline is powerful for keeping our vibes high - with this rock near, we feel so free! Perfect particularly for those who struggle with anxiety & depression, or even if you’re just going through a rough patch right now, this is one you’re gonna wanna keep close



  • Absorbs electromagnetic radiation, perfect for placing near computers, modems, phone chargers & other electronics
  • Repels & blocks negative energy and psychic attacks
  • Cleanses, purifies and transforms dense heavy energy into a lighter vibration
  • Strongly grounding, soothing, calming



  • Literally in every room of your home
  • In your pocket or in your handbag
  • Near your electronics & charging stations


Meditate with it to feel grounded & secure amongst the chaos of life and use like a talisman to protect against evil spirits


1 piece, Intuitively Chosen

 140g - 160g approx


*Please Note

Crystals are naturally formed wonders of nature and vary greatly, each piece completely unique & absolutely perfect in all its imperfections - these are what make them so beautiful!