Opalite Baby Elephants

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The symbolic meaning of elephants are wisdom, strength & loyalty. When the trunk is facing upwards, as these are, they are especially lucky & full of charm, bringing in extra prosperity and abundance

For good Feng Shui, place a pair of elephants at your front door facing inward to welcome blessings into your home

To protect your home, place a pair facing outwards to prevent the loss of chi from your abode

For fidelity, place a pair in your bedroom to promote love & faithfulness between a couple

Place one in your office or children’s study area to increase power, knowledge & academic success

And for fertility, place beside your bed to encourage baby-making energies!



  • Improves communication on all levels, especially spiritual
  • Removes energy blockages of chakras & meridians
  • Assists during emotional transitions of all kinds
  • Gives strength to speak on hidden feelings & fears

Meditate with it to increase your personal power, boost your self esteem and feelings of self worth, balance your yin & yang energies and heal old wounds


1 piece, Intuitively Chosen

 38g approx


*Please Note

Crystals are naturally formed wonders of nature and vary greatly, each piece completely unique & absolutely perfect in all its imperfections - these are what make them so beautiful! They’re not faults, but the way stones are created. How gorgeous are they?!

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