Small Amethyst Cluster #3

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Our amethyst clusters from Uruguay are a very deep dark purple, favoured for their rich tones and making them highly sought after best-sellers!


  •  Super calming for the mind & emotions, it draws away negative energy - particularly anxiety & anger
  • Hugely healing stone for everyone, including animals & plants
  • Protects & purifies your spirit
  • Eases migraines, insomnia & nightmares
  • Brings abundance & new opportunities when placed in your office or business
  • Lifts the vibe of unhealthy environments

Meditate with it if anyone is throwing you shade - amethyst will protect you from the evil thoughts & energies by absorbing them and releasing them as love instead, to lift your mood, and open your third eye


1 piece

9cm x 4cm, 134g approx


*Please Note

Crystals are naturally formed wonders of nature and vary greatly, each piece completely unique & absolutely perfect in all its imperfections - these are what make them so beautiful! They’re not faults, but the way stones are created. How gorgeous are they?!

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